Our Mission

Decarbonizing hydrogen production utilizing today’s natural gas infrastructure to meet tomorrow’s net-zero targets.

Our Values


We trust that our team members will deliver for EkonaTM.

We value flexibility through open and honest communications.

We strive to strike a healthy balance between office, home, and life.

We accomplish more through understanding and respect.

We set clear expectations and help each other.


EkonaTM delivers value that goes beyond what is expected.

We do good work, and we are great to work with.

We strive for excellence and expect it from our contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

We believe in building value for our investors, partners, and collaborators.


We treat each individual stakeholder with the highest regard and deference.

We respect the inherent potential and dignity of all individuals.

We believe that giving respect and responsibility builds a strong and resilient team.


We are entrepreneurs and comfortable taking measured risks … we’re going big!

It’s ok to make mistakes … that’s how we learn.

We are problem solvers … we think outside the box.

Our solutions are innovative and elegant … technology should be beautiful.


We strive to create a safe and healthy workplace and culture.

We invest in safety training for our staff.

Cost is not a barrier when it comes to safety.

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