Customer-focused mission-thinking to tackle the net-zero challenge.

Helping the energy sector and heavy industry reposition to lead the clean-energy economy.

With demand for clean hydrogen forecast to exceed more than 500 million metric tons of hydrogen per year by 2050, we’ve got a big demand/supply challenge to solve.

Let’s take the dirty out of natural gas.

Natural gas is an excellent carrier of hydrogen with an established global infrastructure. The EkonaTM solution provides a compelling production pathway to low-cost, industrial-scale clean hydrogen. Working with us, our energy-sector and industrial partners can meet the growing global demand for hydrogen, decarbonized natural gas, and greenhouse gas reductions at the scale and timing necessary to combat climate change.


Clean Hydrogen


Reducing GHG emissions in hard-to-abate heavy manufacturing industries like steel and cement production where high-grade heat is required.

Power Generation and Heat

Fueling low-carbon electricity generation for grid network balancing and stability, and leveraging existing gas networks for building heat


Enabling hydrogen-based vehicles of all kinds to minimize total emissions with clean hydrogen fuel.


Providing a low-carbon option for large hydrogen-consuming chemical industries such as ammonia and methanol production.

Natural Gas Blending

Decarbonizing the natural gas grid through blending of low-carbon hydrogen.

Refining and Upgrading

Offering a low-carbon pathway for the oil and gas sectors that enables huge emissions reductions in industries that have been historically among the heaviest emitters.

Solid Carbon

Solid carbon represents a significant commercial opportunity in existing and emerging global markets where solid carbon as a co-product adds economic and environmental value, not cost, to the bottom line.

Carbon Black

Traditional carbon-black applications – including tires, rubber, and plastics – represent a near-term opportunity.

Construction Materials

Construction materials, including asphalt, cement, concrete, and steel represent growth markets for solid carbon from methane pyrolysis.

Other Opportunities

Carbon can be used in many different applications, including for water purification, in battery electrodes, and in agriculture for soil enrichment.

What about other ways of making clean hydrogen?

There is more than one valid pathway for clean hydrogen production.

Steam methane reforming (SMR) and autothermal reforming (ATR) are the current industry standards and lowest cost options for large-scale hydrogen production. However, they generate substantial GHG emissions, which can be costly to mitigate. Making clean hydrogen using SMR and ATR can be an economically and environmentally viable path when there is easy access to local fresh water and the natural environment can facilitate carbon capture and sequestration.

Green hydrogen solutions using electrolysis from renewable electricity are attractive for their ultra-low emissions. Electrolyzers are becoming less expensive and are a feasible option where there is land available for renewable energy generation and the local environment can provide a large and sustainable supply of fresh water. However, electrolysis is still expensive for producing dispatchable hydrogen at large scale.

Ekona’s clean-hydrogen pathway is to utilize abundant, low-cost hydrocarbon resources in cleaner, better ways.

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