Today’s natural gas infrastructure meets tomorrow’s net-zero targets.

Low-cost, industrial-scale clean hydrogen, whenever and wherever you need it.

Dispatchable clean hydrogen, wherever natural gas is delivered.

At EkonaTM, we’re decarbonizing hydrogen production in the energy sector and heavy industry, utilizing abundant, low-cost hydrocarbon resources in cleaner, better ways. Our customers can deploy Ekona’s xCaliberTM reactor wherever there is natural gas infrastructure. What’s more, our solution requires no water for hydrogen production, few electricity resources, and doesn’t rely on CO2 sequestration infrastructure to make it clean.

Clean Hydrogen

Produces 90% fewer GHG emissions than incumbent steam methane reformers


Lower cost than blue hydrogen solutions


Is suitable for large-scale, industrial applications


Is deployable where natural gas infrastructure exists

Easy to integrate

Uses standard balance of plant equipment


A down-to-earth solution for scaling clean hydrogen production and accelerating greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Ekona is applying customer focus to the net zero challenge, bringing to market an established process – methane pyrolysis – in a ground-breaking new way. Our platform uses pulsed combustion and high-speed gas dynamics to split natural gas into clean hydrogen and solid carbon, literally bringing carbon and GHG management back down to earth.



Technology developed to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors.

By delivering a low-cost, scalable solution for clean hydrogen production, built on existing natural gas infrastructure, Ekona offers our industrial partners a cost-effective and near-term opportunity to decarbonize operations and reposition themselves as leaders in the clean-energy economy.
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A New Website for Ekona!

A New Website for Ekona!

For the last three months, our business development and marketing team has been working to develop a new Ekona website. Today’s launch day! We built a new site because we needed to strengthen the connection to our brand and have more functionality than our old site could support – not only what...

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An Attainable Quest and Some Arthurian Inspiration

An Attainable Quest and Some Arthurian Inspiration

We often pause when we hear people talking about the holy grail of clean-energy production. One way to define holy grail is as something eagerly pursued or sought after – we can see the connection here. But other definitions talk about the idea of an unattainable ideal, and that’s not a concept we...

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Ekona once again named to the Global Cleantech 100!

Ekona once again named to the Global Cleantech 100!

VANCOUVER, January 23, 2023 – We’re excited to report we’ve been named to the 2023 Global Cleantech 100. This is an annual list—running since 2009 and compiled by the Cleantech Group—that showcases companies who are taking strong and decisive action on the path to net-zero. There were more than...

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