Rapid-to-deploy clean hydrogen production, driven by combustion.

Ekona’s decarbonization solution uses established energy infrastructure and leverages existing commercial technologies.

Using abundant, low-cost hydrocarbon resources in cleaner, better ways.

To meet established net-zero targets, we need pragmatic, economic, and near-term solutions to meet growing global demand for hydrogen, decarbonized natural gas, and greenhouse gas reductions at the scale and timing necessary to combat climate change.

Deploy the EkonaTM solution wherever there’s natural gas infrastructure.

Feedstock water not needed for H2 production.

Electricity not needed for xCaliber™ reactor operation.

CO2 sequestration not needed for GHG mitigation.

Carbon and combustion: they’re not dirty words.

Ekona’s xCaliberTM reactor is at the core of a novel, non-catalytic methane pyrolysis platform that uses pulsed combustion and high-speed gas dynamics to convert natural gas into hydrogen and solid carbon.

What is methane pyrolysis?

Methane pyrolysis is a well-established technology for carbon manufacturing and an emerging solution for clean hydrogen production. In a pyrolysis reactor, methane (CH4) is heated to very high temperatures in the absence of oxygen until its chemical composition changes, and it splits into hydrogen (H2) and solid carbon (C). Sources of methane feedstock include conventional natural gas and renewable natural gas (biomethane) from biomass sources.


How does Ekona’s solution work?

Our Technology Roadmap

We are currently testing Ekona’s xCaliberTM methane pyrolysis reactor in the laboratory to verify performance and integration with balance of plant components. We will have our first field unit deployed in 2024 and additional commercial units in progress by 2025.



Build and test a 200-kilogram-H2-per-day pilot-scale xCaliberTM reactor in Burnaby lab.



Assemble and test a 200-kilogram-H2-per-day system to demonstrate hydrogen and carbon production from natural gas feedstock.


Field Unit

Deploy a one ton-per-day (TPD) plant for field operations in Alberta.

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