For the last three months, our business development and marketing team has been working to develop a new Ekona website. Today’s launch day!

We built a new site because we needed to strengthen the connection to our brand and have more functionality than our old site could support – not only what and how we communicate about Ekona and our mission, but also how we envision the site will need to evolve as we do.

For now, we’re keeping things simple:

  • In the About Us section, you can learn more about our leadership team, our mission and values, our investors, and open job postings.
  • The Technology page includes information about how our platform turns natural gas into clean hydrogen and solid carbon, and highlights about our technology roadmap.
  • The Markets page covers the sectors we’re targeting for our clean hydrogen and solid carbon products.
  • And the News & Resources section is where you can find, you guessed it, news about Ekona!

Take a look around and let us know what you think! You can also sign up for our newsletter here.